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June 2022

Concrete Repair: Why You Should Leave It To The Professionals

Concrete repairs are not a new concept. In fact, they have been around for hundreds of years, and in some cases, concrete repair may be called for after a structure has suffered too much weathering from wind, rain, ice, or snow. Repairing concrete is actually much more complicated than you may think. The process is quite similar to that of other building structures such as homes, garages, storage buildings, etc. It is also common for these structures to undergo additional wear and tear due to ongoing environmental issues.

What exactly is concrete repair, and why are they necessary? Well, concrete repair is the procedure to repair a stiffened concrete surface which over time has had the natural binding cement materials worn away due to excessive exposure or damage. Typically, the repair is needed for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. For example, cracks may appear in a home’s exterior walls or windows. Over time, windstorms may blow debris into the structure, causing dents or dings in the structure.

Aside from cosmetic or aesthetic concerns, concrete repair and maintenance are necessary for safety purposes. When an existing slab becomes too damaged, it poses a threat to its structural integrity. It is also possible for the concrete slab to collapse due to a particular kind of pressure, such as an earthquake or heavy rain. While such a disaster would obviously require immediate repairs, the structure’s foundation may not collapse until years pass and more time is spent on repairing the damage. That is why it is often recommended to take care of minor repairs right away.

concrete repair

Many factors can contribute to the cracking of the concrete surface. One of the most common causes of cracks is when water gets into the soil next to the concrete slab. Sometimes, concrete repair contractors will use a sump pump to relieve the water pressure and stop further damage to the concrete surface. In other cases, the problem will only be addressed when the soil around the house becomes dry.

If the damage to the concrete surface is caused by water leaking from a nearby pool, the best thing to do is to have the pool cleaned. By removing leaves and debris from the area, you can prevent future tree roots from reaching the foundation. Experts recommend that pool maintenance is carried out regularly, especially if you live in a place where the ground freezes in the winter months.

Cracks in concrete structures are widespread, especially when they occur after a heavy downpour. If the weather is not too bad, it may be possible to add some asphalt shingles to cover up the damaged area. But in most cases, concrete repair should be carried out to fix the cracks before any further damage is done.

When there is a hole or divot caused due to a traffic accident, the repair work could be a little difficult. One option is to add some asphalt shingles to fill up space and cover it up with new concrete. Experts suggest using a spirit level to locate the exact spot that needs repairs. Once the exact location is found, they make a few marks on the damaged portion with a pneumatic trowel to size it and add a little traction to lift the concrete repair to the correct height. The broken pieces are then removed, and the repair is begun.

These are some of the more common concrete repair problems that need to be addressed by Concrete Repair. In other cases, the damage could be due to faulty design or poor construction techniques that cause external damage to the structure. In these cases, it might just be a matter of having to change your concrete mix if you want to avoid further damage. With the availability of so many different options for repairing any damaged concrete structures, the best option is to seek help from an expert who can recommend the best option for your needs.