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June 2022

Is A DUI A Felony?

If you are ever stopped on suspicion of DUI, did you know the answer to the question “Is A DUI A Felony?” The answer to that question is no. However, certain circumstances would make a DUI a crime. In this article, we will look at these circumstances and how they may apply to you.

Each state has its own version of the law regarding DUI. Generally, a DUI is considered a misdemeanor when it is charged. For most of these states, a misdemeanor’s punishment includes one year in jail and a hefty fine. A felony, on the other hand, is a crime. If you were ever charged with a felony, the punishment could be from two to four years in jail and a huge fine.

However, many of these same states have gray areas. For example, you may be charged with this crime even though you were not driving. However, if you did so and the alcohol level was over the limit, you could still be charged with this crime. This is known as an aggravated misdemeanor and will have additional penalties attached to it.

As stated above, some circumstances can make a DUI a felony. If you are ever charged with this crime, you should certainly consult a criminal defense attorney regardless of the quantity or age. He or she will be able to advise you on the severity of the charge and whether or not your case will be dismissed. Generally speaking, if you are charged with a felony, you stand a good chance of having your charges dropped.

Some states also charge DUI with more than one degree of the crime. For example, each degree of trafficking is considered a separate crime. Therefore, if you were ever charged with grand theft auto and the grand theft auto charge was coupled with another felony, it would be considered a separate felony offense. If you were ever charged with battery with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony, you could be facing a more severe charge. Therefore, it is important to know what charges you are being faced with to better prepare for them.

Several different things can result in a felony conviction. First, any time you are caught driving under the influence, you will be charged with this crime regardless of the quantity. Generally, this includes any refusal to take tests administered. If you were ever pulled over and were found to be driving while intoxicated, the officer may also issue a citation. This is typically a misdemeanor charge. If you fail to appear in court, this can lead to a significant amount of jail time.

The next question to answer is, “is a DUI a felony?” The answer is yes. However, you should also know that the penalties vary greatly depending on the severity of your offense. The same could also apply if you have prior arrests or convictions for drunk driving. Therefore, you must know the actual penalty that you will face for your crime.

It is also imperative that you understand that the penalties are not only going to be significant if you have a DUI but could also result in additional fines and jail time as well. In particular, if your accident is serious enough to cause serious injury or death, you could be sentenced to life in prison. Also, a DUI will increase the amount of your insurance premium. This is something that you need to understand clearly before you decide to drive after drinking.